Everything You Want


Eighteen-year-old Emma’s trying to survive total humiliation and heartbreak after getting ditched and punched in the face by her (ex) best friend and crush-of-a-lifetime. Now she’s struggling with major post-high school stress, a lame social life, and tighter jeans from a few extra anxiety pounds. Then one lucky lotto ticket comes along, and everything changes for the better—or does it? Now that she and her (mostly) functional family are fabulously rich, life is a bigger mess than ever before.

From the Novel...

From now on I can have everything I want. Do whatever I want to do. I don’t need a ticket to real life anymore. I’m rich! I have a lifetime pass.

What I do want, though—aside from being best friends with Josh Morgan again? Life as a no-max credit card: yeah, it’s a fabulous thing. But what I really want is out of the life I’m in. I want to care about something and someone enough to give my whole self to it, to see it through. I want not to be lonely.

None of which has a thing to do with money.