Wish You Were Here


Dear Amanda, Would you believe it if I told you Graceland changed my life?...

Jackson Wyatt’s senior year. The year that should have been great is turning out to be the worst of his life. First he’s left behind when his best friend, Brady, runs off to follow the Grateful Dead. Then his mother remarries the world’s straightest guy, his roadie father almost dies in a car accident at a concert, and Jax finds—and loses—his one true love.

In the midst of everything Jackson is just trying to find some answers—trying to introduce some order into the complete randomness of his life. But it’s not happening. Not in his hometown – USA Indianapolis, and not in Florida over spring vacation. And certainly not on the honeymoon he goes on with his mother, stepdad and two new stepsisters.

It’s not until he takes off to Graceland for one last, ultimate road trip before college that Jackson finally begins to come to terms with the past year and with himself.

In her stunning novel, Barbara Shoup captures the anger and despondency of the nineties—a decade with no identity, borrowing what it can from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. Wish You Were Here is the perfect novel for the not-quite-Generation-X generation.