Young Adult Books

Looking for Jack Kerouac
Barbara's newest young adult novel, Looking for Jack Kerouac, tells the story of Paul, an Indiana teen whose spontaneous road trip leads him across the country to find his idol, Jack Kerouac. A poignant coming-of-age tale, is a story of self-discovery and finding answers in the ways we'd least expect... Read more

Everything You Want
Eighteen-year-old Emma’s trying to survive total humiliation and heartbreak after getting ditched and punched in the face by her (ex) best friend and crush-of-a-lifetime. Now she’s struggling with major post-high school stress, a lame social life, and tighter jeans from a few extra anxiety pounds... Read more

Stranded in Harmony
Lucas Cantrell seems to have everything going for him. He’s the captain of the football team; dating a pretty, popular cheerleader; and headed to his first-choice college. But Lucas feels trapped... Read more

Vermeer's Daughter
In this richly imagined novel based on the life of seventeenth-century painter Johannes Vermeer, Barbara Shoup evokes the artist's world through the eyes of his favorite daughter: willful, dreamy, not-beautiful Carelina Vermeer... Read more

Wish You Were Here
Jackson Wyatt’s senior year. The year that should have been great is turning out to be the worst of his life. First he’s left behind when his best friend, Brady, runs off to follow the Grateful Dead... Read more

Adult Books

An American Tune
An American Tune, tells the story of Jane, a young girl forced into hiding after becoming involved in a deadly bombing, and Nora, the woman she became, a wife and mother living a quiet life in northern Michigan... Read more

Faithful Women
Evie Slade has long ago put her unhappy Indiana childhood behind her and created a quiet, solitary life for herself in New York City. Talented and introspective, as a conservator specializing in the art of seventeenth-century Holland, she has devoted herself to restoring to perfection worlds created in paint... Read more

Night Watch
Grace works in petit point, white on white, while Della crochets fuchsia purses trimmed with lime-green rosettes. Both are in a hospital waiting room, their husbands in beds upstairs. They are waiting for either life or death. But this too is a process of life, intense life... Read more

Books About Writing

Novel Ideas
Novel Ideas provides a substantial introduction to the elements of fiction followed by in-depth interviews with successful novelists who speak with candor and insight into the complex process by which a novel is made. This edition includes new and updated interviews as well as writing exercises to enhance its use in the writing classroom.... Read more

Story Matters
Story Matters offers an inspiring and insightful approach to writing short fiction with 21 short stories and in-depth, in-person conversations with their accomplished authors. Each writer describes his or her source of ideas, motivation, and writing strategies, to give a personal perspective on the book's narrative of the elements of short fiction... Read more