Stranded In Harmony


Lucas Cantrell seems to have everything going for him. He’s the captain of the football team; dating a pretty, popular cheerleader; and headed to his first-choice college. But Lucas feels trapped: by the expectations of his coach, who pressures him to inspire the team and lead them to victory after victory; by his father, who expects him to take over the family business; by his girlfriend, who assumes they’ll eventually get married. Lucas becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the path he thinks he’s doomed to follow and lashes out, alienating nearly everyone. The only person who seems to really understand his yearning for a “real,” meaningful life is Allie, a woman with a mysterious past who has moved to Harmony. With her help, Lucas is able to envision a life for himself and finds the strength to make his own choices.

Barbara Shoup explores the restlessness and yearning of a high school senior in a small Midwestern town in this honest and thought-provoking novel.

From the Novel...

When did I change? When did I quit believing that there was a whole world out there, just waiting for me to step into it? When it happened, why didn’t I notice? Suddenly, toward the end of the summer before my senior year in high school, I started thinking about these questions all the time. I felt as if I’d just awakened from a long sleep. That dead-to-the-world kind of sleep, with no dreams. And I looked around and thought, this is what I’ve settled for? This is my life?